Background and Context

The Sustainable Farming in Tropical Asian Landscapes (SFITAL) is a five-year research-in-development project that aims to link small-scale producers to global supply chains in an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially responsible manner. SFITAL is a remarkable multistakeholder partnership between different organizations: World Agroforestry (ICRAF) is leading implementation; International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is providing funding and a relationship network; Mars, Incorporated (Mars) and Rainforest Alliance are key partners working in the Sustainable Farming in Tropical Asian Landscapes.

SFITAL will apply sustainable agricultural management systems in entire landscapes rather than in segregated and differently administered and managed areas. It will focus on two raw materials — palm oil and cocoa that provide livelihoods, employment and business opportunities for rural communities yet are cultivated in areas facing environmental threats, such as water stress, decreased agrobiodiversity and deforestation. ICRAF, IFAD, Mars and Rainforest Alliance foresee opportunities that can address such threats while meeting the demand for food of a booming global population. These opportunities can amplify a growing consensus to transform businesses-usual approaches in the world’s food systems into sustainable management systems.

In order to position ourselves as a key player in promoting the agroforestry system, we are seeking to hire a short-term community Business Development Consultant to work with a young and dynamic team in shaping the business development capacities and capabilities of smallholder’s farmers in North Luwu, Southeast Sulawesi.

Objectives of the Assignment

The Community Business Development Consultant will support the project team in developing a strategy for setting up and implementing the prioritized cacao agroforestry-based community business models, including strategy for partnerships, marketing, and communications.

Scope of Work

The consultant is expected to deliver on the following work components:

1. Developing strategy of community business model optimization of at least 3 prioritized business models that support cacao agroforestry productivity

2. Providing recommendations for trainings to enrich the community’s technical knowledge of the business and strengthen the institutional capacities of the business managers.

3. Developing partnerships strategy and engagements for each prioritized business models (next step)

4. Developing marketing and communications strategy for each prioritized business models (next step)

5. Reporting the identified strategies on community business models development in a written format.

Business Model Optimization

 Review and optimize the prioritized cacao agroforestry-based community business model with emphasis on developing a revenue model and strengthened institutional capacities.

 Identify unique selling position and proposition offering to clients.

 Consolidate business process strategy, process definition and documentation working with the SFITAL team.

Establishment of Strategic partnerships

 Identify partnership strategy to support effective business development processes.

 Identify and support the engagement process of the potential business partners, potential markets (e.g. off taker and emerge market), and potential supply actors.

 Develop partnership with financing agency, such as fintech etc. on improved market mechanisms (next step)

Marketing and Communication Strategy

 Prepare a business plan and manage relations with prospective clients, sector experts, business partners and potential off taker

Expected Minimum Deliverables

 Identified producer, contact details, and profile business

 Identified markets stakeholders mapping and contact details

 Report of strategies on community business models development of each prioritized cacao agroforestry business model

 Evidence of strategic partnership established with a minimum of 5 key partners

 Evidence of pitching events, strategic marketing and results of strategic marketing for prioritized business models


The consultancy is for maximum 80 days with the commencement date of 1 October 2022 to 31 January 2023.

Required skill and performance:

 An advanced university degree in Agricultural Development, Agricultural Economics, Business Administration or other related subject areas.

 Good understanding of agricultural and rural development from both a development cooperation and private sector perspective.

 Good understanding of agribusinesses and agricultural value chains trends, including major areas of interest and intervention, as well as interactions with the private sector.

 At least 3 years’ relevant experience working in the area of agribusiness, business development and marketing (of arenga sugar palm, plant seedlings and or trigona honey is preferred).

 Fluency in English, with excellent written and oral communication skills.

Method of Application

Firms and individual applicants should send their CVs along with a short technical and daily rate to

Please include the following information in your proposal:

1)    Proposals should not exceed 5 pages, font size 12, line spacing 1.5, including budget. All annexes must be separate to the proposal.

2)   All expressions of interest should include:

a)  A cover letter.

b)  Proposal: An explanation about the applicant with emphasis on the previous experience in related areas; understanding of the ToR and tasks to be accomplished, addressing how the candidate meets the expertise requirements.

c)  Contact details (email and phone number of at least 3 recent references).


Deadline Application: no later than 5 pm, 30th September 2022.

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