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GIS Support to Certificate Holders and Review of Audit Documents


The Rainforest Alliance is creating a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities. The Sustainable Agriculture Standard, along with its assurance and technology systems, are designed to deliver more value to the two million farmers and thousands of businesses that use Rainforest Alliance certification to drive more sustainable agricultural production and responsible supply chains.


A. Background

In July 2020 Rainforest Alliance has released its new Certification Program with a complete set of new documents in order to increase the sustainability of agriculture and livelihoods all over the world. The Rainforest Alliance 2020 Certification Program defines our long-term vision for the future, and the path required to get us there.


Our new Certification Program brings a series of innovations regarding its functioning and assurance, and one of these pillars is risk-based assurance. The License Review is a methodology serving as part of the assurance mechanism for the Rainforest Alliance Certification Program and the information acquired by the topics reviewed can be used by RA on CB and CH performance evaluation.


As part of the new approach of risk-based assurance, the risk maps are a key component to plan more accurate and reliable audits. Certificate Holders in Brazil need to support to upload the correct information on RA Certification Platform in order to obtain risk maps on time for their audits. 



B. Objectives

  1. Support local Quality of Implementation (QoI) team with review of Certification Application Forms, Group Member Registries and other audit documentations.
  2. Support Certificate Holders (CH) to upload relevant Certification Preparation Documents and successfully receive Risk Maps generated by Rainforest Alliance Certification Platform (RACP).


C. Tasks

The technical tasks employed to develop these activities are:

  1. Conduct documental reviews of audit documents (Certification Application Form, Audit Checklist, Group Member Registry, Certificate and others) from RA audits carried out in Brazil using the License Review methodology;
  2. Provide assistance to CHs via e-mail or phone on how to upload polygons and Group Member Registry and/or other files on RACP to ensure risk maps are delivered on time;


D. Deliverables

  1. Status reports of CH’s risk maps;
  2. Registration of audit documents evaluated daily;
  3. Activities reports delivered by the end of the month;


E. Level of effort

This is a consultancy-based service that will be rendered from April to September 2022. It will require 30 hours per month. 


F. Requirements

  • Bachelor degree on Agriculture, Administration or related areas;
  • Experience in administrative routines, revision of documents;
  • Attention to details, analytical skills and organization;
  • Knowledge on ARCGis is desirable;
  • Communication in English is essential, Spanish is desirable;
  • Possibility to work office based at least 2 times per week.



Applicants are requested to submit their application by e-mail to dsdasillva@ra.org with the title GIS and License Review Activities – Term of Reference until May 27th, 2022. The following documentation should be attached:

  • Updated CV(s) of the consultant;
  • Economic proposal, which details hour/daily rates.

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