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Facilitation Business Model and Value Proposition Development for Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is seeking a consultant to submit proposals for process to support understanding market needs and Rainforest Alliance’s key strengths to develop our Value Proposition in Corporate Advisory.


Summary Information

  • Department: Corporate Partnerships, Markets Transformation
  • Location(s): various, potential meeting in Europe/US
  • Commitment: July – December (LOE to be estimated by candidate)
  • Desired start date and duration: July – December 2022
  • Under direction of: Corporate Partnerships Lead


Consultancy Summary

About the Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance, a New York-based 501(c)3, and UTZ, an Amsterdam-based foundation, merged in 2018. Together, the new Rainforest Alliance is now a $70 million per year organization with offices in 17 countries (and growing) and over 5000 staff. The merged organization has two main offices—one in Amsterdam and one in New York City.


The Rainforest Alliance is creating a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities.


We work towards making responsible business the new normal through our certification program, tailored supply chain services, landscape and community work and advocacy.


The Rainforest Alliance offers custom advisory services to support companies’ sustainability goals. These services include policy development, training, supply chain risk assessment, and strategic communications. Our corporate advisory team aims to

increase accountability and transparency aligned with the Accountability Framework in various sectors like paper, pulp, palm, rubber, through supply chain mapping, risk assessments and corporate engagement. 





As an organization we aim to strengthen and integrate our value proposition and accelerate key innovations in our offering to producers and companies. 


As part of this, we are seeking to refine our corporate advisory approach to expand and clarify our offerings in line with our key impact areas, build significant freelancing capability and refine our operating model for efficiency and scaling.


We seek a consultant to facilitate the cross-functional internal working group and support in identifying growth/gap areas, including: due diligence implementation, deforestation avoidance, living income, field partnerships offering, new potential sectors like cattle and soy and others to be determined by the working group.


Main Objectives


Support the process to a refined value proposition for our Corporate Advisory and broader Corporate Partnerships work (including synergies with Palm and Forests field projects). Reformulate the corporate advisory work through new services, additional business development capacity, more freelance technical capacity and improved marketing. The new services should be developed based on current market trends and our key organizational strengths. The offering should target our key impact areas, including a field value proposition for the market and complement and align our other core areas of work.  


Contractor Services at a minimum, must include:

  1. Analysis of market trends in terms of advisory, corporate field/landscape partnerships, across various sectors like paper, pulp, palm, rubber, soy, cattle in relation to Rainforest Alliance’s strengths.
  2. Facilitation of working group to develop value proposition for Corporate Advisory (and the broader unit offerings).
  3. Creation of business model, including developing a free-lance resourcing model, for offerings that deliver outcomes (as opposed to output or services oriented).




  • Identification of corporate market needs and opportunities, in tems of policy setting, supply assessments, reporting, traceability and field engagement.
  • Analysis of Rainforest Alliance’s unique organizational strengths and value in relation to similar offerings in the market that positions RA as a corporate partner rather than a service provider.
  • Identification of key gap areas in RA’s strengths, key impact areas and market demands, including: due diligence implementation, deforestation avoidance, living income, human rights, field partnerships offering, climate and carbon, and sectors (paper, pulp, palm, rubber, cattle, soy, timber and NTFPs).
  • Support definition of role and service offerings of RA in key impact/growth areas and field partnerships value propositions for corporate advisory.
  • Formulate freelancing capacity framework & business model to deliver and grow corporate advisory unit. Revenue model should allow for accelerated contracting and freelancing with ease.

  • End product (with the team): Definition of Rainforest Alliance’s unique offerings in Corporate Advisory in relation to market needs that delivers key impact outcomes, is more marketable on impact areas and field impact and is integrated into our unit and organization’s strengthened and integrated value proposition



General terms and conditions for Request for proposal

  • Proposals and/or any additional information received after the submission time and date are subject to rejection by The Rainforest Alliance. Incomplete proposals may be rejected by RA at its discretion.
  • The Rainforest Alliance reserves the right to request additional information at any time during the procurement process.
  • RA is at liberty to make multiple or no selections as part of the proposal process. RA also reserves the right to cancel the procurement.
  • All proposal costs shall be borne by the applicant and will not be reimbursed by RA.


Selection Criteria

  • Experience in facilitating business model development and value proposition definition for partnerships with corporate clients in various forest and agricultural sectors (paper, pulp, palm, rubber, cattle, soy, timber and NTFPs).
  • Understanding of market trends in terms of sustainable supply chains, field partnerships, in various forest and agricultural sectors (paper, pulp, palm, rubber, cattle, soy, timber and NTFPs).
  • Experience in facilitating strategy processes.
  • General understanding of Rainforest Alliance’s expertise and area of impact.
  • Experience with multi-cultural and cross-functional team facilitation.
  • Availability as of early July.
  • Availability for in person meeting in EU/US.

Proposal Process and Format

  • Interested applicants are invited to submit an electronic copy of the proposal or any enquiries to the Rainforest Alliance Corporate Partnerships Lead, Paula den Hartog, using the following email address: by COB Central European Time on 22/06/2022.
  • Guidance on what proposals should contain.
  • A cover letter: A short (maximum two pages) letter addressing the RFP
  • Technical Proposal: A brief explanation about the applicant with emphasis on the previous experience in related areas; understanding of the RFP and task to be accomplished, addressing how candidate(s) meet(s) the expertise requirements.
  • Profile of the applicant or project team (if consulting firm) and curriculum vitae.
  • Work plan and timeline for deliverables. Key milestones include:
  • Overview of market demands in terms of policies, risk assessments, reporting and supply chain understanding by end August
  • Ocverview of market demands in terms of field partnerships, investements in nature and climate positive by end August.
  • Gap analysis between current offerings and Rainforest Alliance strengths, key impact areas and market demands by end September
  • Creation of free-lance resourcing model by end November.
  • Financial Proposal: The financial proposal should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees in USD.
  • List of previous engagements that addresses the above experience desired.
  • Current C.V.(S)
  • Contact details of 2 recent references (email and phone number).
  • Proposals should not exceed 5 pages, font size 12, line spacing 1.5, including budget. All annexes must be separate to the proposal.
  • Finalists will be notified of their selection within a week of closing.





Thank you for your interest in working with The Rainforest Alliance

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